Vi måste visa lika respekt för både kvinnor och män, för både
män och kvinnor och sätta alltid våra barns bästa i första rummet!

Alla människor projicerar, föreställer sig saker om andra. Det är ofrånkomligt.
Att få sina cirklar rubbade kan vara kämpigt, å andra sidan är det roligt när oväntade saker händer.                                                                                                               
                    Maja Lundgren



EQ, "emotionell intelligens", är förmågan att tolka och förstå sina egna känslor och dra adekvata slutsatser därav.

Om man använder parallellt EQ, som en förkortning av "equation", samt   blandar vi flera termer ihop  kan man få ett strålande resultat:


Människan styrs inte huvudsakligen av sitt förnuft utan av sina känslor.

Och "ju mer individen vet och känner till om sina egna känslor desto mer ökar individens möjlighet att handla förnuftigt.”

Om vi fortsätter bearbeta lite våra termer och i samband med föräldrarnas känslor och deras förnuft att se allt ur barnets perspektiv då får vi ytterligare ett strålande resultat.




"A FATHER’S RIGHTS" is hard hitting, factual, and potentially embarrassing to some in high places.
It is meant to expose the system that treats children differently across this country and the world: a system that  needs to change.

We should all be looking at and working for one thing, getting equal rights for our children. It should not matter if a child is born out of wedlock
or if the parents are divorced. It's not the child’s fault, and that child should have the same rights as a child from a happily married couple. Stop the fighting over who gets custody and what he/she receives for the privilege of raising that child.

A Father's Rights, the first film of Dickson, TN-based William Fain productions, is the true tale of a father denied the right to share the custody of his daughter.
Starting right from the birth of Seth's daughter, the mother takes away his right as the father to even know anything about his daughter by not naming him on the birth certificate.
Heart wrenching in its intensity, Seth goes to court to battle his way to his daughter's side.

A Father's Rights is based on the life of William Fain. He battles each day to bring an end to laws that take away a child's right to both parents. He wrote and produced this movie in order to show the inequality between parents created by certain laws and to hopefully inspire others to take up that same fight.

"In this engaging book, "DIVORCE POISON",Dr. Richard Warshak skilfully draws attention to the devastating consequences of a poorly recognized form of child abuse: parental alienation. He has filled Divorce Poison with clear, poignant, concrete, and well-reasoned advice for parents who must confront the malignant effects of parental alienation on relationships with their children and on the children themselves. Every divorcing parent should read Divorce Poison closely, examine their own behaviour critically, and take steps to minimize alienation and its effects." 

Michael E. Lamb,
Ph.D., National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (US)


IFThey Can, THEN We Must

IFTennessee, THEN Sweden -- IF There, THEN Everywhere

If you're divorced and you love your child, read this book!




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